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Coppice | Wooden Base

Coppice | Wooden Base

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Enough coloured glass powders are incorporated to create an opaque image. The glass is sandblasted on the back with ground edges for a smooth touch. The fused glass is set in a hand made wooden base.

Three centimetres of glass will sit in the wooden base making certain the glass you see is a square image.

Regular size - Glass 15 x 18cm (3cm sits in the base)

Large size - Glass 30 x 33cm (3cm sists in the base)

Wooden Bases- There are a number of wood types. The wooden base in the example is a spalted beach and cut straight. Depending on the availability I can not promise an exact type of wooden base. Usually if there is more than one type available, I will send an image of your item set in the various wooden base options via email. You can then choose your preferred base.

The example image is a filtered photograph taken of an original. It has been modified to provide an illustration sample only.

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