How I came up with the idea of fused glass windowsills

“I’m after some fused glass for the kitchen, how can you help?”

I received a phone call one sunny weekend about six years ago now from a lady who lived locally. She was after something ‘different’ for her new kitchen. She hinted at a tiled piece of work, but had no idea really how I could help her achieve her ideal kitchen! Before I knew it, I was knocking on her door to be invited into her home for a chat.

As you can already see, the kitchen units are now in, we’ve just some tiling to sort and a splash-back to install” It was at this point I asked about the tiles she wanted on the walls above the counter tops. “Oh, we already have those and the splashback in fact, we’re just waiting for our tiler to do the job properly

She must have noticed the slightly confused look on my face because she went on to say “I wanted you to look at the space and see if there was anything you could create for us“. 

Creating a splashback or featured wall tiles seemed the most obvious answer, but considering she already had those and she was after something else, I studied the room for a few moments longer. 

It was at that point my windowsill tiles were thought up! There was a cute little window framing a plain space. In my head I thought, “well, why not add a pop of colour there!” I conveyed my idea and thankfully it was met with enthusiasm, and so, ‘Project Windowsill’ was born!

Over the next few days a design was agreed and their chosen colours of glass had been ordered. I was so excited to see what the end result looked like, I simply couldn’t wait for their order to arrive.

As soon as the materials arrived, I was on it! I regularly sent ‘work in progress’ images to my customer and looked forward to reading her replies. Once fired and finalised I quickly made arrangements to hand deliver her order. 

Custom glass materials laid out on the table
Materials had arrived.
This photo shows everything cut to size.

Her reactions quite simply made my week! She informed me that her tiler was scheduled to arrive the following morning and that my glasswork would be the first to go in, (you would tile the glass panels like any other ceramic tile basically). The pair of us were like excited children filled with nervous excitement!!

Three days later, I receive a phone call and I was round her house like a shot! She was delighted and so was I. Apparently her tiler had even commented on ‘never seeing anything like it before’, which thrilled me to bits! It looked beautiful and it was just the high end ‘pop’ my client was after.

Since then, I’ve created many a custom windowsill, in various styles for a number of different clients.

This was how it all first started though…this was my very first fused glass windowsill.

Perhaps you would like a pop of colour in your windowsill space? Why not contact me to find out more?

Custom made windowsill installed.